When not travelling for work, I enjoy being active. That means working out, hiking with my dog, and riding my horse. I'm very passionate about animal rights so all of the horses and dogs I've ever owned have been rescues. I've had 3 race horses off the track that I've retrained in new careers. My current horse Ashkal Way, is a Gr 1 stakes winner, formerly owned by Sheikh Mohammed's Godolphin Stable. He and I train and compete in dressage and in the summer of 2010 we performed a dressage routine at Ashkal's old stomping grounds, Saratoga racetrack. Talk about nerve-wracking!

Each of my dogs have been adopted from the pound or various pet rescue organizations. They make the most loving, loyal companions. I actively support the Humane Society of the U.S., ASPCA, Paws For Life, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, ReRun, and Kentucky Equine Humane Center. But it's not all about animals.... I support the Komen, Breast Cancer Research, and V Foundations as well.

Any of you who have ever suffered from illness or disease appreciate that without your health, you have nothing. And travelling regularly can be stressful so it's important to live a healthy lifestyle. Jogging, yoga, pilates, and strength training are all part of my routine, as well as working in the yard and just plain relaxing by watching the news; can't get enough news! I'm also fascinated by medicine (human and veterinary) and exercise science. Jeopardy, Seinfeld, and Whale Wars are a few of my other favorite shows.